Due to need to prevent huge growth of malicious software numbers, increasing number of attack to the computer systems and networks and the NetCast intention to deliver to the clients high level service regarding performances and security, we have developed cooperation with the following reputable brands that offer wide range products for protection of work stations and servers.

Cloud based security services

Thanks to the cloud technology, the solutions we offer provide exceptionally simple implementation, permanent availability due to monitoring and managing and efficient support by our team with no need for any infrastructure (servers, data bases, etc.).


  • Efficiency detecting threats
  • Minimum influence to the system resources
  • Centralised system control
  • Simple implementation
  • Possibility for layered protection
  • Functionality with various software and/or hardware platforms
  • Cost saving service.

Panda EndPoint Protection / EndPoint Protection Plus:

  • Centralised protection for all Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and support for all leading platforms for virtualization and Android
  • Covers all vectors: network (firewall), email, web, and external devices with Device Control function
  • EndPoint Protection Plus option offers additional protection for Exchange servers, and URL filtering.

EPP EPP plus