Internet Network

This service enables user with high level availability of permanent access and business activities through the Internet renting combinations of link/system data transfer through the form of primary and secondary (backup) link. Renting, configuration and maintenance of professional network equipment (router, firewall, switch…) by the expert NetCast engineers offer to the user high level data security, traffic prioritization (Internet, VoIP, VPN, business applications…) and traffic share in accordance with critical level so it is possible to use simultaneously both or more links within the NetCast Internet Managed Service. The service is defined as monthly service without initial costs.

Resolve all problems with the Internet network in your company

Internet Network services shall provide you:

  • Reliable communication between all devices within the network
  • Data transfer and internet access by different transfer systems (xDSL, optic, 3G/4G, cable, or wireless duct)
  • Insulation possibility for work stations per groups due to higher safety level
  • Implementation of safe connections between subsidiaries or partners
    • PAccess to devices (work stations, video camera…), applications and data from any location
    • Network systems remote monitoring and management
    • Updating Firmware on regular basis

Service benefits:

  • Permanent access to internet with guaranteed high level accessibility
  • Use of two uplinks of independent supra-providers (Telekom/Telenor) with active DDoS protection
  • Combination of transfer systems with automatic backup
  • Full service with maintenance and lease of links and network equipment
  • Use of top-quality network equipment with quality warranty
    • Possibility for traffic share and prioritization (Quality of Service – QoS)
    • High level of data safety
    • No initial costs – monthly payments
    • 24/7 technical support and assured service parameters (SLA)

Connect your company to internet by top-quality service

Permanent access to internet

Top-quality link on the chosen location

Technical support available 24/7/365 and organized in 3 levels in order to resolve your problem for sure

DDOS protection is included

Select access mode according to your needs




Combination with ADSL or 4G UMTS links

Symmetrical access speed (upload and download of equal speed)

Reduce costs, eliminate worries

Technical support and NOC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Support is included in the service price

Full equipment with maintenance is included

Necessary number of public IPv4 and IPv6

Use possibilities

Service corresponds to audio or video communication (VoIP and Video Conferencing), video surveillance, data bases transfer, administration, remote control, etc…

Service works ideally with advanced VPN service – MPLS