Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud is an optimal service for companies wishing Cloud solution according to principle “turn the key”. NetCast takes care to full extent about operational systems, backup data base copies, and in some cases about applications.
Proactive support, system upgrading on time, adequate configuration, and monitoring 24/7/365 are additional reasons to use Managed Cloud Service.
This service doesn’t require engagement of additional employees within IT sector due to use of many different technologies and complexity of the system because NetCast takes care of everything.

You have an idea? We can realize it together!

Managed Cloud Service advantages:

  • Transparency and costs saving
  • Better flexibility
  • Excellent performances and stability during the work
  • Timely system updating and adequate configuration
  • High accessibility and safety
  • With no fear for data missing
  • Proactive technical support and monitoring 24/7/365
  • Data archived in Serbia

Use Cases

  • ERP/CRM HOSTING: You wish your key systems such as ERP or CRM always available and safe? It is not necessary to think about equipment purchase any more, license, UPS, air-condition, or any other pre-condition because NetCast takes care about everything.
  • E-COMMERCE: Start to sell over the site or you have already developed E-Commerce site but cannot predict number of visits at any moment particularly during discount or actions? With Managed Cloud and flexible resources the online shop is always available to visitors and users experience is at the highest level.
  • ONLINE LEARNING: You introduce innovations into your business and try to hear market needs? You decided to offer distance learning, online studying, courses, seminars, video materials, and presentations? NetCast Managed Cloud is the right platform enabling any LMS solution to show its full potential.
  • NEW PORTALS / DEMANDING WEB APPLICATIONS: the most demanding users such as news portals or companies holding specific web applications with large number of visitors and requests ask not only quality equipment but adequate design and configuration of resources – NetCast engineers shall take care in order to keep system at certain level of accessibility and performance.

Are you obliged by your company policy or regulations to archive data in Serbia?

As the first certified CISCO CSMP (Cloud Managed Services Program) partner in Serbia we can help.

Your company has several offices out of Serbia, you wish data center nearby to reduce latency and to execute application quickly, or one sector of the company develops software due to variable resources they used to work using AWS and it is not their option to change Cloud provider/

Don’t worry, even in this case you can count on NetCast for we do not condition you to lease our infrastructure. Whichever public cloud provider you choose (Amazon, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) or combination of several providers, NetCast certified engineers are here to help you.


CLOUD is in our DNA, CLOUD is our primary and not secondary activity

NOC & Support

Proactive support and monitoring 24/7/365


Choose any Cloud provider as you wish – NETCAST, AMAZON AWS, MICROSOFT AZURE, or GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM

Cloud portal

Provides management, transparency and costs control

Cloud Connect

Connect your office with Cloud using optic internet for maximum performances

Payment after consuming

When we say flexibility we mean it! At any moment you can change quantity of needed Cloud resources