MPLS VPN Network

All geographic distant user locations in one unique local network are the key benefit of the NetCast MPLS Managed Network service. MPLS VPN (L3PN, L2VPN…) services are advanced version of classic VPN services and they represent a revolution in connecting user locations and network administration. As such, user obtains maximum level security, full remove of local traffic from internet, simple maintenance of entire system without useless VPN tunnels re-configuration, and use of private instead public IP addresses, and costs reduction. Special benefit included in the service is full prioritisation of local traffic with share possibility of link aimed for the internet access and internal applications.

Use profitable MPLS systems and be in front of your competition!

MPLS services increase efficiency of the applications management and speed of data transfer between different locations.

Advantages of the MPLS service:

  • Highest level of data protection without additional equipment
  • No aggregations – maximum link speed
  • Possibility to completely remove traffic from internet
  • Private IP addresses use with dynamic routing
  • Full link flexibility regardless application type
  • Automatic authorization of new locations
  • Automatic change of network equipment parameters in all locations – simple maintenance
  • Compatibility with other transfer systems
  • Link share possibility on Data/MPLS and internet traffic
  • Lowest price for highest quality and safety

Service benefits:

  • Advanced VPN system with higher level of automatic administration
  • Remote locations in unique local network
  • Use of reputable network equipment with quality warranty
  • Maximum safety level of transferred data –traffic remove from internet
    • Best signal respond within selected transfer systems
    • Private IP addresses use with dynamic routing within local network
    • Possibility to combine transfer system with automatic backup
    • Full service with maintenance and lease of links and network equipment
    • New locations automatic authorisation without additional administration
    • Possibility to share and prioritize local traffic (Quality of Service – QoS)
    • No initial costs – monthly payments
    • 24/7 technical support and guaranteed service parameters (SLA)

Connect all business units in one top-quality and safe system

Simple connecting of several locations in your company into one network system – local network (LAN)

It doesn’t matter which type of network equipment you use neither distance of subsidiaries

The newest data transfer system MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is state-of-art form of VPN protocol.

Select speed with maximum safety

Information flow happens within our infrastructure and it is completely removed from internet

Speed and flow of information stay unchanged; there are no traffic jams, and no risk of unauthorised intrusions.

Reduce costs, eliminate worries

Reduced equipment purchase costs for VPN systems

No significant infrastructure changes when install and implement

Provider shall make equipment configuration.

An ideal solution for companies with more than one business location

MPLS services are ideal for large number of business users

Connecting many locations into one network system regardless activity, infrastructure, number of business units, and their distance.