Perimeter Protection

Modern threats that easily avoid traditional safety solutions request different security approach. Our perimeter solutions are built on the Multi-Layer Collaborative Security concept.
This holistic approach, based in the active cooperation between different safety platforms represents future deep protection of the IT systems.


Technical performances of the protective devices have never been more important than today. Either it is in question firewall throughput, IPS, VPN, web filtering, or Sandboxing, our solutions are capable to deliver high performances, best-of-breed safety functions and all easy to manage using web console.

Ready for the future

Because the security solutions are investment that should cover long-term period of time, our Network Security products offer scalability, modularity and options that can evolve together with your IT system.

Irreproachable security

In the “Bring-Your-Own-Everything” environment there is a large growing challenge on how to keep users under control, while on the other hand you follow up with the fast growth of the company. He only way to make more efficient protection is to be irreproachable and easy to apply, both, for users and administrators.