Security Audit

We often rely on different technological platforms as omnipotent solution that will protect us against an attack, but problems are more often in procedures and people. Before you reach the causes that provided system vulnerability you must discover all spots with safety shortages.

  • Public Discovery Report

    Do you know which IT data of your company are available in public?

  • Web Application Scanning

    Check if your web applications represent potential spot for intrusion into the system.

  • Vulnerability Assestment

    Entire system check from servers, work stations through infrastructure and to internal applications.

  • Web Malware Detection

    Is the malware “drawn” in your website that can endanger your reputation or led you to the black “listings”?

  • Pen Testing

    Simulate true hacker attack and test safety of all segments of your system!

Testing – Analysis – Implementation – Testing

There is no permanent safety solution! Care about cyber safety is a permanent and cyclic process, thus resource demanding. We can help you to customize such resources to your needs.


Specter of services enables us to customize system testing to its complexity and applications.

From problem to solution

Testing is not a goal per se. analysis, solution proposal and implementation ate mandatory following steps in order to achieve needed safety level. Wide specter of knowledge and solutions we work with on daily basis enabling us to offer all-inclusive service to make your business safe!