Security Network

Supplementary security protection through development of existing Internet Managed Network services includes lease and maintenance of professional security equipment (Firewall appliance, Perimeter defence appliance, Anti-Virus Appliance, etc.) as special benefit in cooperation between NetCast and reputable security vendors (Storm Shield, Fortinet, Check Point, Panda, F-Secure, Sophos). The service offers possibility for users to secure internet access, local network and entire information flow under the highest safety parameters, and to get rid of capital investments into security network equipment and troubles regarding maintenance and support.

Safety first!

We design solutions in accordance with your needs and requests. We take complete care about equipment and we deliver professional support.

Security Network advantages:

User can achieve entirely safe connections between subsidiaries or partners including internet access, and employees are enabled to work out of office using safe access to computers, applications and data that are placed in the company, and communication runs through the most modern systems of protection and monitoring at all times.

Service benefits:

  • Full protection of data transfer and internet access by different transfer systems
  • Safe and reliable communication between all devices on the network
  • Firewall and other network security devices for traffic protection in the local network and out of it
  • Re-installed Anti-Virus programs on devices at the edge of local network
    • The newest security firewall and AV patches and constant automatic refreshing of bases
    • Possibility to separate work stations per groups for higher security level
    • Mogućnost filtriranja i monitoringa internet saobraćaja u realnom vremenu
    • Filtering and monitoring traffic in local network in the real time
    • URL Filtering and QOS
    • Access to ICT devices, applications and data from any location
    • Remote monitoring and management of network systems and application level access control
    • Access control of organizational unit
    • Preventive protection (zero-day defense)

Safe links

Using top-level safety equipment and quality transfer systems we provide safe company internet and internet access.

Communication is protected

Regardless the position of employees. Communication in the company is in the framework of the most modern safety systems.

Managed Security

All needed safety equipment, links and professional support are at disposal within monthly service.

Monitoring 24/7

Entire system is permanently monitored 24/7.