WiFi Network

NetCast Managed WiFi service provides excellent, reliable and full covering by the WiFi signal for your business or any other space.

Our engineers design WiFi network in accordance with the space structure and expected number of users. We use exclusively professional and cost-effective or premium variances – Unifi and Meraki.

Secure for your employees or guests good quality wireless (WiFi) network

NetCast Managed WiFi Services is solution for complete covering of closed or open space by WiFi signal. Technical solution (model and characteristics, number and plan of Access Point devices) is designed in accordance with specific needs.

WiFi service offers:

  • Simple installation that allow device positioning to any point of the premises
  • Significantly higher range, quality and stability of connection when compared with standard WiFi routers
  • Large number (100+) of simultaneous connections from different devices
  • Definition of several independent networks (e.g. one network for guests and other for employees)
  • Creation of greeting message when connecting
  • Auto-directing guests to website or Facebook profile
  • High level of access protection to network (WPA/WPA2, TKIP/AES)
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Centralized Cloud control and WiFi system management
  • Modern design of devices

Excellent inspection of existing state and WiFi solution design

Our engineers will inspect the conditions in your location and based on results will propose optimal WiFi solution according to your needs.

Appoint inspection

Full coverage

Excellent devices with different working modes provide full covering of the space

Large access capacities

Enabled access of large number of simultaneous connections

Managed WiFi

All needed equipment and professional support is at disposal through monthly service

Safe communication

Local communication protected with complex safety protocols