Cloud solutions adapted to your needs

Growing demand for the hardware performances of the servers, space on the disc and running memory lead to more and more organizations that look for solutions in the Cloud system.

We will take care about everything

Contrary to the standard offer where primary focus goes to the infrastructure renting, we can undertake care about your applications and services placed with us including operative system, data bases and back-up copies and our Managed Cloud is an ideal service for companies that wish Cloud solution according to the principle “turn the key”.

Full flexibility when using resources

Prompt changes in configuration and capacity of the Cloud services according to your needs.

You can relax because you are in our safe hands

Our proactive support and monitoring systems are with you 24 hours all 365 days a year!

With no investments, payment per spending

Pay your services exactly in accordance with their use, while they stay complementary with the growth and development of your company – according to the system “Pay as you grow”.

Transparency and costs control

Using the portal you will always have and insight into the work and spending of your services

Focus to your business

Deal with growth of your business, and leave to us care about your infrastructure and application.