NetCast Cyber Security Center

Cyber threat evolves at a fast pace and its primary objection is material benefit. Regulations to protect data such as GDPR additionally load safety procedures in companies while requiring from the IT sectors significant human resources. NetCast Cyber Security Center can make everything simply and easy to manage!

Expertize + Solutions = Security –As – A- Service

Through our partnership with reputable vendors we have created possibility to offer safety solutions at all levels. Expertise and permanent investments in its development make us capable to provide to our users not only excellent support, but also Security-As-A-Service.

Advanced protection, forensic and auditing

Pace of new threats occurrence (200.000+ daily) makes that applied solution even tomorrow becomes helpless! Permanent check of safety vectors, control of all processes applying advanced systems (Adaptive defense), and analysis of nature, source and trajectory of attack have become mandatory elements with safety systems implementation.


With us your security services will become clear and available. You don’t have to be an IT expert or to deal with IT security to be protected! Easy to grasp reports and our support is all you need.

All-inclusive protection

Implementation of solutions by different vendors at all levels starting from work stations through infrastructure to perimeters we are capable to achieve the highest safety standards.


Our solutions cover all needs of small companies with several computers up to the large corporative systems with numerous locations and thousands of computers.

Newest technologies

Technologies at our disposal represent “state-of-the-art” tools in the field of cyber protection, and their permanent improvements by our partners guarantee it will stay as such.