In the situation of intensive expansion of the ICT need for wider knowledge and skills maintaining various platforms, it becomes almost elusive goal for companies to find out and retain superior human resources.

Proactive support – What is that?

Proactive support is a set providing simple mode of management, monitoring and maintenance of your entire IT corporative system regardless the size, type or position of devices you have.

How PROACTIVE SUPPORT can help if you don't have your IT team?

In case you don’t have your IT team we can take over to full extent all functions such team should perform, and using advanced platforms for automatic and remote monitoring and management we can make you feel like we are with you at all times as a part of your company.

How PROACTIVE SUPPORT can help if you have your IT team?

In case that you have your IT team we can help it to get rid of unnecessary jobs and focus on value-added activities. Our team is skilled possessing wide expertise able to fight successfully any problem related to IT or communication systems while eliminating weaknesses of varied team engagement for different fields of expertise.

Provide your employees with the best IT support no matter where they are

Advanced RMM tools (Remote Management & Monitoring) we use for our support shall drastically reduce number of field work making our service more efficient than any other similar service on the market.

Stop to „extinguish the fire“ and reduce your costs

We shall help you to cease repeating activities and to become proactive. Take notifications in the real time enabling you to see computers without protection, printers with insufficient toner, servers with lack of space on the disc, and many other indicators of potential problems.

Centralized human resources management

Our services can help you manage your system efficiently. Advanced reporting systems can enable you to know what, when and which device was administered, to see status of each single device, to monitor IT environment and changes in the real time, to monitor installed hardware and software and how they are used, and to grasp easily time needed for support.

Save your data!

In present day data are the base of any job. Managed back up is an integral part of our services allowing you to save backup copies of the most important business data on our Cloud platform, and additional level of protection in case of incidents, theft or failure of equipment including Ransom Ware attack.